Makros creates archiving systems – measurable in hundreds of meters and kilometers – that protect any kind of cultural heritage from deterioration caused by fire, water, bacteria or fungal proliferation.

Founded by Massimo Luise, the company is worldwide recognized for the BLOCKFIRE® brand, which is the name of the first patent created in 2011, followed by five others – all registered in Europe, Turkey, USA, Canada, China and Russia. On the international markets, Makros operates as Makros Project.

The company is supported by a Technical and Scientific Committee that guides the activities of Research and Development: the committee includes physics, biologists, IT experts, university professors. The company dedicates 70% of its profit to the research of the committee.

All Makros patents are combinable and compatible with Blockfire® and with each other.

Among its clients, Makros counts several institutions (municipalities, provinces, regions), museums, archives, universities, law courts, libraries, local health authorities, banks, foundations, ecclesiastical organizations, and private businesses.

The Management Team

Makros team counts about ten people placed in top roles. A network of external professionals supports the team: biologists, mathematicians, computer scientists, architects, legal consultants, agents.

Technical and Scientific Committee

The company is supported by a Technical and Scientific Committee that guides the activities of Research and Development, together with a network of external professionals: architects, designers, engineers, biologists and university professors.

Makros takes advantage of the most innovative technologies and IT researches to safeguard and preserve the cultural heritage.

At the beginning of 2023, Makros has been selected by Symbola Foundation For Italian Quality as a study subject, after being recognized as one of the 100 Italian businesses excelling in the application of technology to the cultural area.

Heritage conservationRESPECT – PRESERVATION – FUTURE

Our brand’s DNA sinks its roots in a deep respect for cultural heritage. We engage ourselves in preserving the past, in protecting the present and in guaranteeing the beauty and knowledge retained in books and art pieces for the future generations.


We consider ourselves the unwavering keepers of our customers’ treasures. Our engagement for vigilance and the attention to details are the cornerstone of our brand. We are relentless in pursuing the safeguard of precious goods.

Leadership in innovationTECHNOLOGY – VANGUARD – SECURITY

Technology and innovation are the driving force of our brand. We adopt vanguard solutions to grant the most advanced and effective safety measures. We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible for the protection of books and art pieces.

Commitment to excellenceDEVOTION – PROTECTION – GROWTH

Our brand is defined by commitment to excellence. We are never satisfied with anything lower than the highest standards of safety and protection. Our team is committed to constant improvement and to settle the reference parameters in our sector.