Bacteria Blockfire®

Mobile archiving system with sliding containers that controls and constantly monitors the internal conditions of preservation, anti-deterioration, protection and safety of the materials stored inside.

The system is a preservation device created with high quality technical components, especially studied, and tested according to anti fire law compliances.

The primary elements to get the best conditions of preservation are:

  • Perimetral micro-ventilation: in normal conditions, all the cabinet frames are slightly distanced to allow airflow; they seal shut only in case of fire. This way, the sealing procedure is effective between adjacent mobile containers even when, in case of fire, the safety block in any open corridor is activated.
    The micro-ventilation is adjustable in function of the climatic conditions of the installation site, changing the distance between the mobile containers.
  • Chemical composition: The chemical composition of the materials provides an alkaline reserve to contrast the growing of mould formations.

To prevent from fungal proliferation, Bacteria Blockfire® is equipped with mobile sensors that collect and transmit data to a dedicated software (ACS) which executes the remedies to adopt.