Blockfire® is a completely passive archiving solution conceived to resist fire, leading to a fire load equal to zero for the materials contained within.


This solution avoids the installation of any automatic fire-extinguishing system.

Secure sealing

Special intumescent and asbestos-free gaskets are placed perimetrically on the adjacent cabinet fronts, providing constant perimetral micro-ventilation under normal operating conditions; in case of fire, they expand to completely seal the cabinet.

Operator safety

Blockfire® is free from dangerous and cancerous substances (according to European REACH regulations and Green Public Procurement regulations).

Secure for the environment

Blockfire® sliding fire resistant cabinet is 24/7 connected to the local antifire unit control.

Technical Information

Makros installations are perfectly aligned with current legislations in the countries where our patents are registered in and with all the certifications required for every type of intervention.

Services included

  • Elaboration of the report for the fire load reduction
  • Space maximization
  • Comparative Total Cost Ownership Analyses